1Libya – Tripoli/Benghazi, Libya

In cooperation with 1Libya, the NGO Management School has recently conducted a training programme for 175 NGO Leaders in Libya. In line with the mission of the NGO Management School, the training programme aimed at asisting NGOs in Libya in the development of their management capacity. The overall goal of the school is to strengthen civil society, which is capable of tackling and solving societal problems, contributing to the eradication of poverty and to promote and protect human rights.

NGO courses in Arabic in Tripoli and Benghazi

The courses were given from 11–22 November 2012 at two locations: Tripoli and Benghazi. Five experienced Arab-speaking trainers conducted the courses on five topical areas: NGO governance, strategic planning and organisational development, needs assessments for projects, project management and fundraising. Participants were leaders and directors of NGOs from all over the country. The four national alliances of NGOs participated in the courses.

The NGO Management School, which is a department of the NGO Management Association, cooperated with Libya’s National Economic Development Board (NEDB) to organise the courses. The NEDB is a state agency under the Prime Minister’s office. The national NGO alliances participated in the practical organisation of the courses.