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NGO training in Africa

What is it that we as organisations really value? We all have the ability to understand – and get to the heart of our social impact. But for many of us taking effective steps to do this or making it second nature to the way we work is a challenge.

Measuring the social impact of our work should not simply be a burden but should help us to improve what we do and, ultimately, to improve more people’s lives.

Our next training is with our partner in Zambia Squaremark Market Solutions on Social Impact Measurement in October. We are going to Zambia, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania to train non profit professional on how to measure social impact.

3 – 5 October: Lusaka, Zambia

7 – 9 October: Kigalia, Rwanda

December 2016: Kampala, Uganda

December 2016: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

December 2016: Nairobi, Kenya

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