The objective of the NGO Management Forum and its Networks is to enhance the long-term institutional capability of non-governmental organisations through the building of managerial capacities. More specifically, its objective is to provide unique and innovative approaches to enhancing the skills and competencies of managers in non-governmental organisations.

Responding to NGO Needs

The performance of a non-governmental organisation is dependent upon the quality of its management. And while the importance of sound management is to varying degrees recognised, the development of management capacity in non-governmental organisations is limited by several challenges:

  • The lack of appreciation of the benefits derived from increased management capacity
  • The lack of time and space available for reflection and learning on management competencies
  • The limited opportunity to learn from the successes and failures of managers in organisations working under similar conditions
  • The lack of reinforcement of a “culture of management” to supplement skills development and provide a continuous learning environment
  • The lack of management capacity development of junior managers in parallel to their professional advancement

Objectives of the NGO Management Forum:

The initiative provides facilitated structured peer exchange and learning to managers of non-governmental organisations as well as access to knowledge and resources with the aim of establishing a community of practice.

The Forum:

  • Drives strategic thinking in the area of management focus of each forum
  • Provides a platform for the transfer of good practices
  • Encourages collective responses to common challenges
  • Creates a network to assist members in quickly solving problems
  • Enhances the professional capacity of members
  • Assists NGO’s in retaining employees

Our Networks:

For more information on the programme, please contact:

Jonathan Wood
Programme Director
NGO Management Forum
Phone: +41 (0)22 731 76 66