About us

Managing and leading an NGO is becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated. More and more NGOs are coming to realize that a widening range of knowledge, skills and strategies are necessary to achieve results, to enhance their impact and to remain effective in the work they do.

The NGO Management Association is an independent non-profit association registered as NGO in Switzerland (reg. no. CH-550-1055048-2). We are based in the Geneva area, Switzerland and provide a large range of services for professional and effective NGO management. Together with local partner organisations, we enable NGOs and other civil society organisations all over the world to improve their capacities.

Our various services assist your organisation in management capacity building and in strengthening organizational efficiency. We provide managers and leaders with what is needed to achieve their organisation’s objectives and to look beyond to contribute actively in developing new approaches for the communities they serve.


A group of professionals working in the humanitarian sector in Geneva, Switzerland, founded the volunteer association in December 2001. Our starting point was to help NGOs improving their management capacity and performance by making available free management tools and key articles on NGO management. To this purpose, we set up the website NGO Manager with the NGO Management E-Library.

The NGO Management Association’s Newsletter informs subscribers about new practical tools and useful articles related to NGO management. The newsletter is currently subscribed by more than 4,000 persons from more than 70 countries in the South and in the North. Subscribers include people working for NGOs, donor organisations, multilateral organisations, government agencies and universities. The newsletter is free of charge. To subscribe to the newsletter, please click here.

Our members are NGO management specialists and practitioners who are working in the fields of development, environment, humanitarian aid and education in the South and the North. Several of NMG’s members accomplished their studies in NGO management in the London School of Economics’ Centre for Civil Society.

As a department of the NGO Management Association, the NGO Management School was set up in 2007 by a group of people in Switzerland and the Philippines in response to a growing demand by NGOs and individuals for training in NGO management and organizational development. The School is a non-profit institution.

NGO Management School Switzerland

Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist NGOs in the North and the South in developing sustainable management capacity to take effective action for the benefit of the communities or cause they serve.
To this purpose, the NGO Management School makes training and learning opportunities easily accessible to NGOs by bringing courses close to where participants live and work. We are committed to working in partnership with local organisations, to ensure that course curricula are needs-led and that course fees are fair.

First courses were carried out in 2007. Until now, NMS has conducted courses in Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, Burkina Faso, the USA and Geneva, Switzerland.