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Applied knowledge and experience are essential to successful non-profit management. NMA’s advisors are all experienced practitioners and trainers in the management of international and national non-profit organisations and in their respective areas of functional specialisation.  Our advisors bridge the gap between the latest theoretical developments and current practice.

In every assignment, our advisors apply their extensive management expertise and make full use of their knowledge, understanding and practical experience using a diverse range of established and new management approaches, tools, skills and techniques.

NMA’s advisors draw upon extensive and diverse experience working with leading international organisations and agencies, foundations and non-governmental organisations in both headquarters and field offices.  Their thematic expertise ranges from overseeing major humanitarian emergency interventions in some of the most difficult environments around the world to coordinating the implementation of long-term multi-stakeholder development initiatives at a country level.

Our advisors are all passionate about social change and are committed to making a difference for your organisation.