Banner Holistic Systems Approach

Management opportunities and challenges are inherently interconnected, interdepend-dent, relational, evolving and subject to uncertainty. NMA’s advisors combine the rigour of detailed fact finding and analysis with an understanding that management issues always exist within a wider organisational system and context.

Taking this holistic systems approach facilitates the more accurate analysis of your needs and identification of sustainable solutions.

Framing your opportunities and challenges in new and different ways requires an appreciation of the difficulties associated with managing the often conflicting expectations and complex realities facing non-profit organisations working inter-nationally.

We seek to expand the number of realistic and viable options available to you and to ensure that you are in a position to make informed choices concerning how best to proceed for your organisation, recognising the potential implications of any decision.  This is why our advisors always take an advisory and facilitative approach which places emphasis on process, context and inter-personal relationships.