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5 June – 17 July : Essentials of Financial Management
Financial skills to maximise organisational and programme impact

Coming up: Four online management courses for non-profit organisations

– Strategic Management
– Needs Assessment for Projects and Programmes
– EU Fundraising
– Advocacy for Social Change

Dates for the public courses will follow soon. For details and inquiries, please send an email to

New courses for professional development
Many non-profit organisations face often important challenges in providing opportunities for professional development to their staff, as budgets for attending training courses cost are often very limited. Individuals who want to acquire new knowledge and skills for their personal  advancement often cannot do so, except when taking a holiday.

With its new blended learning courses, NMA aims at enabling more organisations and individuals to foster their professional development through an exciting new course format.  Blended learning allows to acquire new competencies in a participatory approach from your office or the comfort of your home. Better professionals skills and knowledge are crucial to facilitate achieving one’s objectives and to work towards social change. Blended learning courses can assist organisations to provide their staff with effective and fast means for professional development.

There is no need to finance travel and accommodation and obtaining visa to attend a course, as in a face-to-face course, thus blended learning allows you to considerably reduce the cost and administrative effort to participate in a training course.

NMA’s blended learning approach
NMA’s blended learning courses offers fascinating new opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills through e-learning, combined with a high level of interaction and exchanges among participants and the tutors, with individual feedback from the tutors as well as individual coaching of the participants. NMA’s blended learning approach is based on the highly participatory approach of its face-to-face courses in Geneva and elsewhere, integrating discussions and debates. You get to know and work with other participants, often from other countries, sharing good practices and lessons learned and expanding your network of contacts. All courses are conducted by senior trainers with many years of field and headquarters experience in national and international non-profit organisations.

Courses can be taken during the week whenever you can fit it into your schedule, thus the timing can be highly personalised.

Intended audience
The courses are intended for non-profit organisations and individuals anywhere in the world, wishing to acquire new competencies for their work and their career.

Active learning environment – how does it work
The courses consist of five one-week modules, preceded by a one-week module to familiarise yourself with the learning platform, the other participants and the tutor.  We use Moodle, the world’s most widely used virtual learning platform for our courses.

The course materials are based on case studies and examples from real-life field work. Each week consists of a combination of several activities, including readings, individual exercises, small group work and discussions through a chat forum and skype. The tutor give gives feedback on individual and group exercises as leads discussions. The exchange among participants is an important element of the learning process, thus each participant is expected to bring in motivation, commitment and an interest to exchange ideas with other participants.
The courses can also be conducted in-house and can be customised to the needs of an organisation.