Geneva Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action Geneva, Switzerland

The causes of humanitarian crises are numerous, complex and usually specific. Political, social and ethnic tension may lead to conflict. Natural risks, environmental degradation and climate change, social and economic collapse, food crises, the plunder of natural resources, growing intolerance, and human rights abuse are some of the main factors, usually linked to each other, that precipitate humanitarian catastrophes. Over one quarter of the world’s population is excluded from growing global wealth, scientific and technological advance, improved health and nutrition, education and the information and communications revolution. The lives of these people are extremely precarious and the slightest event can precipitate absolute misery and total insecurity, irrespective of their country of residence.

The complexity of crises means that they can no longer be addressed by “turnkey” projects; each situation calls for a specific humanitarian response. The Geneva Centre for education and research in humanitarian action (CERAH) meets this professional challenge by offering multi-disciplinary, bilingual (English-French) post-graduate training in the multicultural environment of Geneva’s international community.

Together with CERAH, the NGO Management School Switzerland conducts 5-day courses in Geneva in Project Cycle Management Compact, and a 7-week Certificate of Advanced Studies: Strategic Development and Management of Humanitarian Action.

Both courses are part of the Master of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action curriculum (2/10 ECTS credits).