Social Impact Measurement (3 days)

NGO training in Africa

How to measure, evaluate and lead on social impact

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Attending this course, you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of what social impact means for you and your organization.
  • Run through practical social impact exercises and methods.
  • Identify some of the most important things for you to measure and have options to measure them.
  • Use social impact measurement to make decisions, secure funding, be accountable, keep on track and advocate for your organization or cause.
  • Understand the difference between various Social Impact and Evaluation models, including SROI (Social Return on Investment)
  • Assess and review current social impact evaluation and messages, make recommendations and propose measures for improvement
  • Take concrete measures to close the gaps in current social impact measurement work in accordance with priorities and resources
  • Reach out effectively and get social impact messages across to different audiences using the most relevant tools and messages

Who should attend

This 3-day course is intended for practitioners with different profiles who want to strengthen their capacity in the following concepts and terms: impact evaluation, social impact measurement, sustainability reporting, monitoring and evaluation.

This includes:

Practitioners already responsible for social impact measurement for a non-profit organisation such as an NGO, a foundation or an UN agency

  • Who are planning to take more responsibilities in social impact.
  • Who have little experience and want to strengthen their overall skills in social impact.
  • Who have learned on the spot without any specific training in social impact.

Practitioners working in the non-profit sector but not specifically responsible for social impact or new to this work but who want to know more in order to better integrate it into their work.

Heads of non-profit organisations, offices and departments with decision-making power in who want a better understanding of critical social impact measurement issues and challenges.

Practitioners working on an individual or other context who want to understand more about social impact and take away practical ways to enhance this aspect of their work.

Course overview

This course follows a 3-step process in order to build your capacity in impact evaluation, giving you fresh perspectives as well as practical tools to prove and improve your organisation’s social impact, in the best possible way.

Day 1: Social impact decoded – The foundations for measuring impact and an essential framework to do it.

Day 2: Ways of knowing – Developing a sound strategy for measuring impact and interpreting results.

Day 3: Use it or loose it – How to tell others and use the most relevant tools for particular types of impact.

The course features presentations, sharing experiences, facilitated discussions, individual and group micro-activities and longer tasks.


Robert Foster Social Impact Measurement

Robert Foster is a senior consultant, trainer and co-founder of Red Ochre. He is a specialist in social impact measurement; social enterprise and blended value business models; commissioning and procurement; and social innovation. He is an excellent trainer and facilitator with extensive international experience.



uday thakkar

Uday Thakkar is the managing Director of a social enterprise consultancy, Red Ochre. He is also a social entrepreneur having started and successfully managed a number of commercial businesses, a charity and two social enterprises. Uday has won the Social Enterprise Mentor of the Year Award and is a regular and popular speaker at conferences and seminars on enterprise, leadership, governance and finance.


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