Impact Evaluation (3 days)


This course is given in collaboration with Hijaz (Turkey) and Red Ochre (UK)

Course Overview

This course will provide a complete approach to impact and evaluation. You will discover what is impact, its different evaluation approaches and how to use the results of the impact evaluation.


In this course you will learn:

  • What is Impact?
  • How to select expected impact for projects, programmes and the organisation?
  • The theory of change and its applications
  • A planning model for impact at the level of the programs and organizations
  • Impact evaluation approaches
  • How to design the impact progress indicators?
  • Monitoring and Evaluation approach
  • Making use of the results of the impact evaluation

Who Should Attend

This is course is for managers responsible for understanding and measuring impact, or planning to implement impact assessment in their organisation.

  • Programme Managers
  • Senior Project Managers



Martin Cooper is an Associate at Red Ochre and trained many individuals and organisations in social impact measurement, gave talks at conferences and wrote numerous booklets and articles. He also managed international clients and social enterprise visits, hosting groups from China, S.Korea and Burma.


Location, Date & Language:

Istanbul, Turkey
May 5-7 2016

More information will follow

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