Advocacy Weekend Retreat (2 1/2 days)

Turning challenges into opportunities

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Click here to download the retreat’s leaflet with the detailed programme (PDF format).

The aim of this weekend retreat is to explore how to use and expand advocacy to mobilising people and organisations for systemic social change.

Participants will strengthen their analytical capacity for practical applications in future advocacy campaigns. The journey takes you through a balanced methodology; all exercises are based on self-realisation, independent and reflexive learning.

If you are interested in exploring the true potential of advocacy, join us for a weekend in a constructive environment, sharing ideas and experiences of how to achieve positive change in the lives and situations of vulnerable people. It’s the kind of weekend that could help transform you and your organisation’s work to bring about fundamental improvements in the lives of your beneficiaries.

This highly participatory retreat will be beneficial not only for you, but also for your organisation’s advocacy implementation processes and ultimately for those whose voices cannot be readily heard.

The retreat combines a weekend less than 30 minutes away by train from Geneva with learning and exchange opportunities within a small group (max. 8 people) and plenty of activities.

Training Methodology

The reflection, sharing of knowledge approaches and good practices during the weekend includes skills training and getting to know and use vital tools in advocacy. Participants are guided by an expert facilitator on advocacy with experience in some of the most complex contexts in the world.


The retreat was designed for development and humanitarian policy makers as well as professionals from the non-profit sector. It is also intended for individuals who would like to test their ideas and concepts on advocacy among peers.

The retreat will appeal to: Directors, heads of departments, team leaders, key field and HQ staff responsible for managing operations, and project and programme managers.


Cost per person for the two-day retreat includes lunch, coffee breaks and local transport.

Hotel, transportation to and from Bellegarde and dinners are at the participant’s own expense.

Learning Outcomes

Following the weekend’s advocacy retreat, participants will have a firm understanding of the concept of advocacy and its potential relevance for programmatic and operational planning. More specifically, participants will:

  • Be able to formulate the added value effective advocacy can bring to their organisation and its mandate
  • Gain the ability to apply new approaches to mobilisation for change by means of reflection and critical self-assessment within their organisation
  • Have the capacity to understand the importance of participatory and activity-based learning techniques, which foster knowledge sharing experiences at the heart of their institution’s advocacy approach
  • Acquire the capacity to analyse and discuss real-life examples of advocacy using good practice and lessons learnt approaches and tools


Advocacy Retreat Programme

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