Customised Solutions to Strengthen Management Capacity

To achieve its goals and ensure a lasting impact, it is vital that an organisation becomes more effective and improves its performance.  This can be attained by strengthening the management capacities of managers and staff members and by enhancing organisational development.

To find out where competency development is most needed, the NGO Management School conducts  a training needs assessment in close collaboration with the organisation’s team members.  This assessment aims at identifying the gap between existing and required competencies.  It also enables organisations to draw up a professional development plan for their staff.

Based on the results of this participatory assessment, the NGO Management School proposes a priority-based plan of action.  The proposal may include training, consultancy, coaching, or a combination thereof.

NGO Management School: A Strategic Approach to Training

We develop training courses that adhere to key adult learning principles to ensure a real return on investment.

Our courses:

•    Focus on what people want and need to learn
•    Relate to the participant’s past and present experiences
•    Are practice-driven
•    Take place in a relaxed, warm and reassuring environment
•    Offer follow-up and evaluation to guarantee knowledge transfer and impact

Our training approach consists of three parts: Training Needs Assessment, training courses and training follow-up & evaluation:

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