Building and Leading Effective Teams (2 days)

Knowledge and Skills for High Impact Leadership

Course overview

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For successful leadership, the team leader should lead by example, with enthusiasm and inspiration, recognizing member accomplishments, coaching and helping members to solving problems. To achieve the team’s objectives, the team leader needs to focus on the team members, their creative ideas and input. This approach helps the leader to keep the team motivated and on track for results.

The team leader facilitates cooperation among people of diverse skills and backgrounds to develop synergies and to maximize their strengths. To establish and maintain a cooperative environment of trust and creativity is one of the main tasks of a successful team leader. Such an environment is conducive for dialogue and debate within the team, helps to shape team consensus and is crucial for the good and productive functioning of a team. To this purpose, the team leader should adopt an open door policy for team members to come up with questions or for discussion.

For this cooperative process, the team leader needs to acquire and improve communication skills to successfully conduct debates and negotiations, to facilitate decision-making and conflict resolution.

Who should attend

In this course, participants will gain essential knowledge and skills required by a team leader. It is intended in particular for:

  • Team leaders
  • Project and programme managers
  • Heads of department
  • Heads of office
  • Senior managers and executive directors

How you and your organisation will benefit – Learning Objectives

On this course participants will be able to:

  • Organizing a team around the team’s objectives
  • Establishing a plan of action for the team and monitoring its implementation
  • Managing a team and team dynamics between team members and groups within the team
  • Improving communication within the team and with management
  • Understanding and resolving conflict
  • Identifying effective leadership and management approaches
  • Negotiating for better outcomes

Course programme

Day 1 Building Teams that Work

  • Organising a team
  • Defining the team’s objectives
  • Putting the right people on the right posts
  • Managing team dynamics
  • Integrating new members
Day 2 Leading a Team for Results

  • Improving Communication: Interpersonal skills, meetings and reporting
  • Facilitating time management, using coaching techniques
  • Resolving conflict: Coping with difficult situations and difficult people
  • Developing leadership and management approach
  • Improving negotiation and decision-making skills.

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