Exit Strategies: Effective Programme Disengagement (3 days)

Achieving programme and project sustainability

Course overview

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Before phasing out humanitarian and development programmes or projects, it is crucial to develop a sustainable disengagement strategy to withdraw responsibly. A disengagement strategy, also known as exit strategy, should be part of any programme or project plan. The purpose of an adequate disengagement strategy is to plan and achieve the sustainability of a programme after its end and to deliver to its stakeholders the expected results corresponding to the original program objectives. The disengagement strategy planning course is addressed for both emergency and development programmes.

This three-day course focuses on:

  • Ensuring sustainability of humanitarian and development interventions by developing and integrating an appropriate strategy and exit plan in project proposal development
  • Developing monitoring and follow-up tools for the implementation of the disengagement plan of action
  • For programmes or projects which need to be ended within a very short period of time: How to assess such situations and develop a fast-track approach with the involvement of all main stakeholders

Who should attend

This course is intended in particular for:

  • Programme and Project Managers (incl. newly appointed)
  • Department Directors
  • Heads of Office
  • Heads of Operations
  • Project Team Leaders

How you and your organisation will benefit – Learning Objectives

On this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify key elements necessary to develop a successful disengagement strategy for a programme or project
  • Analyse and describe stakeholders’ needs in this context
  • Define criteria for disengagement
  • Develop objectives and strategic options in disengaging from a programme or project
  • Select the best possible strategy and design a plan of action for its implementation
  • Develop monitoring and evaluation tools to follow-up the disengagement plan of action

Course programme


Defining Criteria for Disengagement

  • Overview of Disengagement Strategy
  • Linking disengagement planning and sustainability
  • How to improve stakeholder involvement and commitment
  • Selecting among three approaches in exiting a programme

Defining Criteria for Disengagement (continued)

  • Defining criteria for successful disengagement

From Disengagement Plan to Implementation

  • Developing disengagement objectives and strategic options
  • Fixing timeframes and stakeholder responsibilities

From Disengagement Plan to Implementation (continued)

  • Establishing a plan of action for phase out period and handover
  • Implementing plan of action and meeting communication needs
  • Monitoring and evaluating the implementation on the plan of action

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