Individual Competency Development

Individual Training and Coaching
We offer tailor-made individual courses for your professional needs in the non-profit sector. Our individual trainings apply tested methodologies to focus on the development of your individual competencies – personal, professional, and managerial – to facilitate you reaching your career aspirations.

How does it work?

1. Preparing Needs assessment to identify your needs and wishes

  1. Fill in online needs assessment form and send it to NMA.
  2. NMA calls you to learn more about your needs and wishes.
    This analysis is free of charge.

2. Designing a course and coaching programme tailored to your needs

NMA prepares a written proposal, with the description of:

  • Course objectives
  • Course programme
  • Post-course coaching options
  • Fee

The duration of such a competency development programme usually ranges from one to several days for the training.

3. Conducting training sessions in Geneva or remote

The trainer and you schedule the timing for the training sessions based on the availability based on your availability.

All our trainers and coaches are experienced international specialists on the training topic. If the training includes several topics, specialist trainers cover each topic.

4. Providing Post-course coaching in Geneva or remote

After the training course, the trainer organises post-course coaching to help you implementing the newly learned knowledge and skills in your work based on your needs. Coaching sessions usually take one hour per session.

Send it back to courses(at)

Topics most asked for

  • Building and leading effective teams
  • Strategic management
  • Communication and advocacy
  • Project cycle management and results-based management
  • Financial management

For a complete list of available course themes, see NMA’s In-house Courses’s Catalogue.

Our team would be glad to provide further information. Please contact us at courses(at)