The training consists of structured learning exercises, case-studies and games. The NGO Management School uses customized learning materials to facilitate a smooth and fast-track approach to learning and to achieve the course objectives. We favour a participatory approach and a high level of interaction among participants and trainers. Trainers and participants share experiences, good practices and lessons learned to enhance learning opportunities. Courses are process-oriented and favour the development of innovative approaches to solve problems. Trainers help participants to develop their capacity for self-reliance.

Participants can develop an individual project during each of the training courses. You can choose among the subjects taught in a course relevant to your own work. Participants help each other to develop their projects during working group meetings.

For most of the courses, participants can book 3 hours of individual coaching with the trainer during or after the course on how to further develop and improve a project developed during the course, or on another subject selected by the participant.