Partnership Approach

Making management courses available for NGOs in your area is feasible through the partnership between a local partner organisation and the NGO Management School. Together, we organise and deliver courses to NGOs.

In this partnership, the NGO Management School provides:

  • Qualified and experienced trainers
  • Practice-oriented course curricula, which can be adapted to the local needs of the NGO community
  • Course materials for participants with the essential information taught at the course, and other documents that serve as quick references and background information,
  • Course certificates for participants
  • Planning, marketing and administrative support, including texts for leaflets, letters and your organisation’s website to announce the courses to other organisations, registration forms and other forms,
  • Simple and transparent approach to cost calculation and payments
  • Hotline phone support to the partner organisation prior to, during and after the course
  • Tools and support for a local training needs assessment
  • Information about upcoming courses and partner organisations on the NMS website, referring inquirers to its nearest partners.

The partner organisation:

  • Announces and advertises the courses to the NGO community in your area, other organisations and interested individuals,
  • Responds to inquiries from local NGOs and registers participants,
  • Ensures proper management of course fees and payments,
  • Organises the course venue at an appropriate location, organises lunch and refreshments during the course, books accommodation for participants upon request,
  • Develops, jointly with the NGO Management School, a plan for future training courses in the area.