NGO Management School is a course provider, but not a donor agency or fundraising organisation. Our aim is to deliver management training through establishing sustainable partnerships with NGOs which have the interest and capacity to organise course programmes and fundraising locally. If this is applicable for your organisation, there are three simple steps for you and your organisation to organize the first training course for NGOs in your community:

Step 1

Contact us by email. We will get back to you quickly with more details concerning the organisation of courses, the assistance provided by NMS and on financial matters. We will then call you by phone to discuss your needs and any questions you may have. A short letter of understanding between both partners then confirms the framework and procedures for the partnership. Note that carrying out courses is based on needs, thus there is no obligation to hold a certain number of courses.

Step 2

Select one or more courses which you consider useful for the NGO community in your area. We jointly fix a suitable date for the training. Then you:

  • Announce and advertise the course to the NGO community and to interested individuals in your area,
  • Brief inquirers on the course content and conditions and how to apply,
  • Register participants,
  • Book an appropriate location for the course.

Participants pay the course fees directly to your office. During registration, participants indicate the topics of their special interest to allow us to adapt the course concerned to their needs.

Step 3

The course is confirmed when the minimum number of participants is reached. At this point of time, your organisation transfers to NMS its part of the fees according to the number of registered participants. Our trainer(s) travel to the training location and conduct the course(s) and provide an individual consultation for each participant.