Meet the Trainer – John Cammack, Finance Trainer

“For organisations receiving funding in many cultures, donors look to the senior management for the confidence that their funds will be used well.” John Cammack

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JohnJohn Cammack is the trainer at the NGO Management Association for Finance Management. He’s a specialist in finance for non-profit organisations.


What is your background?

My name is John Cammack. I am a qualified accountant. I have a Masters degree in International development management and an MBA.

I’ve worked as head of international Finance at Oxfam GB and as a senior lecturer at Oxford Brookes University. I now work freelance with many NGOs in different parts of the world in the areas of management and financial management.

Why is Financial Management so important for senior managers?

Strong Financial Management for senior managers and leaders is crucial for all organisations. For organisations receiving funding in many cultures, donors look to the senior management for the confidence that their funds will be used well. Programme expertise is not enough in itself. A donor also needs to rely on robust financial controls, and accurate and timely reporting.

What will participants of the course learn?

We’ll identify how to draw out essential information from financial documents , and recognise how to use it to help an organisation flourish.  We’ll practice using ‘reality checklists’ – a quick way of picking up if things are going well – and how to protect against potential fraud.

Also we’ll look at communicating about finance, when working with people at all levels – with communities, with staff and trustees, and with government and international donors.

What does the course help people to do?

The course helps participants to become confident in dealing with financial management issues, and communicating about finance, at a senior level. Participants will be able to build financial management capacity, and know how to support a finance team in carrying out the operation work. The course gives you the financial skills to help lead an organisation to where you want it to be.

Who is the course for?

The course is for senior managers, directors, CEOs, members of a management board, and also those who aspire to fill these positions.

Also senior programme staff, administrative and fundraising staff who need to use financial skills at a senior level or as part of the board.

What makes the course unique?

The course is participatory and requires participants to be actively involved in the learning. We use recent research to inform the teaching and learning about capacity building and financial communication. Participants also have personal access to the tutor to discuss issues within their own organisation. I don’t know any other course that has this mix of ingredients.