Results-based Management (1 day)

Exploring the key principles, implications and challenges associated with the introduction of results-based management.

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Course overview

Results-based management (RBM) is a management approach which focuses on achieving results and reporting performance. It has been widely adopted by the non-profit sector over the last twenty years. The adoption of RBM has reflected a sector wide shift in focus from the management of activities and how those activities are implemented, to an emphasis on what is achieved: the outcomes and impact of your work.

This course provides you with a practical introduction to RBM, its origins and potential scope. It introduces keys definitions, concepts and tools associated with RBM’s use and highlights its stated rational and intended benefits. The course challenges you to think in terms of results and be able to apply results-based management principles in any context.

This course encourages you to consider the potential benefits of introducing RBM (to differing extents) to your organisation. It provides you with a practical understanding of what is involved in introducing RBM and provides you with the tools and approaches necessary to successfully do so. This course highlights the potential challenges associated with introducing RBM and identifies strategies for how to mitigate these issues.

Finally, while RBM has been widely endorsed by the donor community and is an industry standard in the international development and humanitarian fields, it is still a contested approach with far reaching implications for the non-profit sector. This course encourages you to engage with these concerns and to maintain your organisation’s ownership and control over how it manages performance and achieves impact.

Who should attend

Leaders, managers and staff of non-profit organisations responsible for or interested in results-based management and its potential introduction to their organisation, in particular:

  • Executive Directors
  • Senior and Middle Management
  • Programme and Project Staff
  • Human Resources and Financial Staff
  • Resource Mobilisation, Fundraising and Development Staff
  • External Relations and Communications Staff
  • Any staff interested in better understanding or presenting what their organisation achieves

How you and your organisation will benefit – Learning Objectives

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the originals of results-based management and the potential scope for its use as a management approach
  • Describe the main concepts and underlying principles of results-based management
  • Identify the differences between results-based management and other management approaches
  • Explain and use the logic chain to present any purposeful action
  • Communicate effectively your organisations achievements using change rather than action language
  • Identify your organisation’s current management approach and present the potential benefits of results-based management for your organisation
  • Describe what is involved in introducing results-based management and its implications for how your organisation works
  • Use some of the different tools and approaches available to facilitate the introduction of organisation-wide results-based management systems and to promote a results culture
  • Explain the main challenges and contractions associated with RBM, including: its reductionist tendencies; problems with aggregation and attribution; and inherent contradictions between ownership and participation; as well as between accountability and learning

Course approach

Emphasis is placed on “action learning” and this course features presentations, structured learning experiences, facilitated discussions, individual and group activities.

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