SEKEM Development Foundation – Cairo, Egypt

The Sekem Development Foundation’s (SDF) mission is to elevate the total welfare of the Egyptian people by enabling them to determine and realise their own socially unique and culturally appropriate development path. The foundation is established on the principles of the SEKEM initiative and seeks similarly to bring about a greater integration of the facets of human life.

Over the last two decades, the Foundation has expanded its program activities from initial basic educational initiatives. It now implements a variety of projects and programme in the fields of social development, research, health care, education and vocational training. This holistic approach to development emphasizes participation, integration and the need to foster long-term independence and self-determination of community members. SDF acknowledges this principle through a program of cultural and economic empowerment that integrates the arts and sciences and fosters moral and ethical awareness.

SDF is a working example of how to organise and channel the immense resources of Egypt’s talented and committed people into addressing priority problems and needs and thus contribute to the nation’s development and progress. SDF therefore represents an important model of sustainable development that is applicable both within the Egyptian and global development contexts.

Together with the SEKEM Development Foundation, the NGO Management School Switzerland has conducted a first 5-day course in January 2011 in Cairo, Egypt to the topic of Project Cycle Management Compact.

A certificate course cycle will be launched at a later time. This cycle will cover all essential topics of non-profit management and consist of nine 5-day courses, leading to the Executive Certificate in Non-Profit Management.

More information to follow.