Strategic Analysis & Decision-Making (3 days)

Creating powerful, relevant and focused strategy based on internal and external
environmental anaylsis

Course overview

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Successfully leading and managing an organisation involves making and implementing strategic decisions concerning how to maintain your organisation’s direction whilst continuously improving performance and impact in a changing environment. Today, leaders and managers require a wide and diverse range of competencies to successfully motivate, drive and facilitate strategic development and change in an organisation.

This course is the first of three that make up NMA’s Certificate in Strategic Management, which focuses on the strategic management of non-profit organisations and its importance to their success. It provides you with core knowledge, practical skills and tools to support you in the strategic management of your organisation.

Leaders and managers are responsible for shaping the future of their organisations and guiding how they will contribute to the changes they envision in the world.

This course is designed to challenge you to think and act strategically in the non-profit environment. It places emphasis on your development as a strategist and focuses on how you can create powerful, relevant and focused strategy that contributes to the realization of your organisation’s vision.

A starting point for the successful development of a strategy is a deep understanding and knowledge of both an organisation’s own internal environment and also the external environment in which it operates. This course provides you with a practical overview of what is involved in, and different approaches to, analyzing the environment as the foundations upon which an organisation can: i) think creatively and strategically about its possible future directions; ii) generate options and expand its potential choices; and iii) identify mandate driven criteria upon which to base its decision-making.

Who should attend

Leaders and managers of non-profit organisations responsible or involved in the strategic management of an organisation, in particular:

  • Executive Directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Programme Directors, Managers, and Coordinators
  • Functional Directors, Managers, and Coordinators (such as of human resources, administration, planning, PME)
  • Senior Project Managers
  • Consultants
  • Board Members

How you and your organisation will benefit – Learning Objectives

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the main strategic opportunities and challenges facing NPOs
  • Explain the concept of strategy, its multiple definitions and their relevance to NPOs
  • Describe the differences between strategy, strategic planning and strategic management
  • Present the strategic management cycle and understand its relevance to NPOs and the challenges associated with such an approach
  • Explain the importance of strategic thinking, create conditions that are conducive to strategic thought and minimize those that are not
  • Describe what is involved in the strategic analysis of an organisation’s internal and external environment
  • Identify and use some of the different tools and approaches available for internal and external strategic analysis and assess which are of most relevance in a given situation
  • Explain the different types of strategic options and choices available to NPOs
  • Understand how to generate and appraise strategic options, as a basis for strategic decision-making
  • Guide and facilitate strategic individual and group decision-making which supports and benefits from organisational learning

Course approach

Emphasis is placed on “action learning” and each module features presentations, structured learning experiences, facilitated discussions, individual and group activities. Throughout the course, participants are encouraged to directly apply learning to their organisational context.

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