Theory of Change (2 days)

Plan and effectively communicate your organisation’s contribution to achieving complex social change

Course overview

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Complex social change requires non-profit organisations to plan carefully how their actions will contribute to achieving it. Theory of Change is a methodological approach to planning, monitoring and evaluating social change initiatives. Theory of Change focuses on the specific impact an organisation intends to achieve and how it will do so. Emphasis is placed on testing how the strategies and actions of an organisation will result in its intended impact based on a chain of logical events underpinned by a series of clearly articulated propositions and assumptions.

This course provides you with a practical introduction to the Theory of Change, its underlying principles and practical applications. This course focuses on how developing a robust Theory of Change can help you to clarify: i) who you are intending to benefit; ii) in what specific ways; iii) in what timeframe; iv) in what context; v) as a result of what specific actions; and vi) based on what underlying assumptions. This course also shows how the Theory of Change can provide firm foundations for an organisation’s monitoring and evaluation activities. Finally, this course highlights some of the potential pitfalls associated with using a Theory of Change approach, and provides recommendations and insights for how to get the very best out of its use.

Who should attend

Leaders, managers and staff interested in enhancing their organisation’s planning, monitoring and evaluation, including:

  • Executive directors
  • Senior and middle management
  • Staff responsible for planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • Programme and project staff
  • Consultants

How you and your organisation will benefit – Learning Objectives

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of focusing on an organisation’s long-term impact as a starting point for strategically planning complex social change
  • Describe the main concepts, underlying principles and sequencing of the Theory of Change approach
  • Use the Theory of Change as an approach to strategic organisational and programme planning
  • Plan, manage and guide strategic organizational and programme planning processes using Theory of Change tools and approaches
  • Use the Theory of Change’s emphasis on accountability and learning to enhance an organisation’s performance monitoring and evaluation
  • Assess the potential utility of using the Theory of Change for the strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation of an organisation’s work
  • Integrate the Theory of Change approach into an organisation’s existing planning, monitoring and evaluation practices and terminology

Course approach

Emphasis is placed on “action learning” and this course features presentations, structured learning experiences, facilitated discussions, individual and group activities.

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